Cricket is the most favorite game for many peoples in the world especially youngsters. Cricket’s origins from England in 16th century and it spreads globally. The governing body of cricket is ICC (international cricket council). As we aware that cricket is bat and ball game with two teams of 11 players each. There are many cricket teams in the world. The ICC is responsible for international tournaments. There are 107 member nations and 12 of which holds full membership so that they can play test cricket. Before in olden days only test cricket was conducted which took 5 days of play? But as years passed many new rules and regulation had came which leads to one day international game that is ODI and now T20 also introduced. After this new introduction cricket has become very popular among very ones. ICC also conducting many series between the countries one of which is the world cup tournaments. In 1975 the first world cup tournament was conducted.

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Before in olden days only test matches were conducted it is played over 5 days in these the teams are allocated two innings each. After this limited over’s cricket has come that is ODI normally fifty over’s and also twenty over’s. The first T2o was held in 2007 .The winner of first world cup was West Indies in 1975. After that many teams had won. Australia became the first team to win three consecutive world cup tournaments. As of now Australia won five world cups, India two and West Indies two. The first T2o world cup held in 2007 and the winner is India. After this Cricket has become the most favorite game in India. The governing body of cricket in India is BCCI (board of cricket council in India) which becomes the wealthiest cricket board in the world. Even though cricket is popular around the world it is most popular in India. Here BCCI is conducting yearly T20 tournaments named IPL which becomes most popular tournaments. In this Indian players along with foreign players were separated in to 8 different teams. This tournament was conducted in different places of India. The first tournament was conducted in 2008 and the winner is Rajasthan royals. Due to these type tournaments, many youngsters were interested to play the beautiful game cricket.