Tokidoki Collection


Smashbox cosmetics offer a variety of makeup for every style, personality, and also occasion. From the teenager, wanting to experiment with makeup, to the socialite making the rounds on the social scene, the professional needing the sophisticated look and the model wanting dramatic effects. This specific line brought to you by the Factor brothers can provide the facial foundation for all those purposes and more.

Each season, the creators spin out a different collection to express the mood of the instant. Spring and summer collections are usually vibrant, colorful palettes that will pop when they are applied to the face. Those colors are usually bright and daring and can turn even the dullest deal with into a sizzling, glamorous work of art. They make the face come alive.

Slide and winter colors are more dramatic and daring. By making use of these colors, you can achieve an alluring, sultry, and luxurious look. Often times they are used by partygoers for a night out on the town, the particular belle of a fancy ball, or the stunning housewife in an exquisite cocktail party. Whatever the occasion during winter and fall, they have perhaps you covered has got you covered.

The masterminds behind the world well-known makeup line draw on many different inspirations when creating their particular seasonal and worldly collections. They can get inspiration coming from fashion icons, actors and actresses, musicals, and in the truth of their 2007 Spring collection, the art of Japan.

The Japanese motivated Tokidoki (prettymums’s jujube tokioki collection) collection is one of the most exciting collections to date. The Smashbox team collaborated with tokidoki visionary and artist Simone Legno to unveil for the cosmetic world a type of makeup collection not seen just before in the United States. The makeup itself is not changed. It is continue to the award winning cosmetic line customers have come to love. Still the design and packaging of the limited edition set is sets it apart from all other makeup collections.

Legno produced this sort of ‘Japanimation’ that embellishes each item in the collection. Each item is adorned with a beautifully crafted tokidoki character. They are images of a sort of animated woman utilizing various makeup products to different parts of her face. They improve the Smash box ideal of thinking outside the box and producing more than just makeup. The artistic value coupled with the cosmetic makeup products line’s high quality makeup makes for an excellent collaboration. The shimmery, charming, and vibrant makeup we are accustomed to becomes a lot more attractive with this new collection. When picking up the eye darkness quad to apply it to the face, it becomes more than simply having makeup. It is as if you are transformed to another world of gorgeous fantasy.

The tokidoki collection provides must haves for that makeup connoisseur. There is the line’s world famous eye shadow quad in two available compacts. The Celebrita eye of an quad features baby pink shimmer, vibrant purple glean, pearl sheen, and pewter shimmer. Along with that is the Top model eye shadow quad featuring baby blue shimmer, peach sheen, matte chocolate, and yellow with blue colourful shimmer. Joining the quad sets is the Artificial Mild Luminizing Lotion. There is also the lip gloss that also comes in two awesome colors: Dolcissima, a sheer peachy green, and Dramatica, a shimmery pink. Additionally , there is a makeup products mirror with a pouch that is a perfect compliment to the selection. It is called Stelina meaning little star and it features an image of a star on the cover in tokidoki type. Rounding out the collection is Tink Bella, a top and cheek color available in bright pink. One go through the packaging of the collection and you will instantly fall in love with the lively characters that are imprinted on them.

When you experience the tokidoki series, you will become a fan of Smashbox cosmetics, if you weren’t one before. If you were already exposed to the greatness they have delivered to the cosmetic world, you will only yearn for the next assortment after this one. This Japanimation inspired collection changes the world of cosmetics and goes beyond what is traditional makeup. Gone are the days regarding boring makeup where you walk into the cosmetic section of your chosen store and everything looks the same. Smash box shoves the envelope with the Spring 2007 collection and one can just only imagine what they will come up with next.