It could be hard to understand what to do when starting an inside house-painting project. This easy guide will make your interior paint job a nice one. It is possible to use this article as a manual and checklist of things you will need. This article will also show you an orderly method to achieve your interior painting project with very little annoyance.


When painting a space always do thorough prep work before painting. Following your prep, paint ceilings , followed by the walls, then eventually the trimming. When rolling a ceiling you’re sure to drip paint onto the walls. You do not want to have spent time painting the walls and trim only to touch up sections from ceiling splatter.

Paint the walls before you paint your trim. You do not want wall paint leaking or splattering onto freshly painted foundation boards.

Always sand the walls and trim before you paint. Sanding will guarantee proper paint adhesion. Paint will occasionally peel out of a wall if it isn’t properly coated. Scratching the older coat will give the new paint film plenty of grip.

Patching must be your next task. Patch the small holes and any damaged wall with drywall mud for large holes and a ready make patching chemical for smaller holes. Use a lightweight patching compound for fast dry period and less shrinkage. Sand the stains once dry. Caulking will flash and appear through the end paint.

Place prime the patched areas with an appropriate drywall primer. This will guarantee the patches don’t flash through your complete paint.

Caulk corners, base boards, door casings and around window frames. Caulking provides a seal for a finished appearance for the base boards and door casings.


Paint the ceilings first followed by the walls and eventually the trimming. You’ll find this is the least aggravating way to paint. When painting the ceilings and walls I have discovered it is better to reduce or brush the borders prior to rolling. Do this to get a better-finished look, especially when using sheens like satin and semi-gloss paints.

Employing appropriate tools will help also. Utilize lamb hair rollers instead of the polyester blends. Lamb hairs work far better and make the task less aggravating. You will cover a lot more Painting Brampton distance per roller dip.

Color selection:

Color Selection is a whole other place left for a different article, but normally as a rule paint ceilings and trim a lighter shade than the walls.

After this simple small guide will make your interior house painting job a nice, orderly and hopefully enjoyable experience whilst preventing aggravating pitfalls.