Istanbul has a magnificent history beginning from New Stone plots for sale in Bangalore north. Having nearly 8,000 decades of settlement as well as a proper city formation for around 2,000 decades, makes this town a distinctive one. All of the civilizations that somehow touched Istanbul left something behind them: a construction, a poem, a song or a monument.

One of the beauties of Istanbul is its own squares. They contain little pieces of each corner of town. Beyond that, you can smell the mighty past of Istanbul and really observe the effects of Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman Empires. Possibly the most known square is the Taksim Square that is located in Beyoglu district. Taksim means supply and Taksim Square has been a place where water is gathered and distributed to the different areas of the town in Ottoman Empire. The sculpture you will see at the center of this square is the Republic Monument. Back in 1928, an Italian sculptor Pietro Canonica made the monument and it was constructed in 2 and a half a year. Additionally, there is a red vehicle which might not be wrong to say it is the symbol of Taksim Square: the nostalgic tram. It starts you in the middle of this square and extends into the tube from which you may take the world’s second oldest underground railroad to go to Karak√∂y. There are several more things to say about Taksim Square however if you would like to explore every corner of it you might look for Istanbul real estate available.

Another famous square is that the Sultanahmet Square or you also will know it as the Hippodrome of Constantinople. During Roman and Byzantine Empire, Sultanahmet Square was the sporting and social centre of Istanbul. Also there are several obelisks at the square that you should watch like Serpent Column, Obelisk of Tuthmose III and Walled Obelisk. A few of those really lasted around 3000 years.

Istanbul has lots of squares which are crucial to see. Taksim Square and Sultanahmet Square are just the most known ones. Every one of these has an interesting historical background. Assessing and experiencing the squares in Istanbul will make your visit more gratifying. To find out and feel that the background of squares and therefore the history of town you should search for property available in Istanbul.