Have you got an engagement ring that’s been there on your pocket for quite a while, since you have not had the guts to ask the question? Well think no two, this is the time that you ought to ask, because in the event that you wait, you never know who may surpass you and sneak the girl who has always been in your heart since the world has understood what love is. Diamond anniversary rings will also be of same importance.

Diamond engagement ring is what you should have while suggesting your woman love, because it’s that something that will mesmerize her into stating a YES.

There are many ways to pop the question up on which your life depends upon and the very best way is by giving her a surprise of a lifetime and then leaving her with no option except to say yes.

Ways to Propose

Well in this situation what you might do would be you could take her out for a candle light dinner; keep it preplanned by creating arrangements of placing a designer engagement ring inside the champagne glass that would be served. After the two of you inhabit the table, give her a surprise by bringing from the Champagne along with the glass that has the ring. After she starts drinking from the glass, she would get to see the ring; now in time, bring out all of the courage in you and pop up the query. One thing’s for sure and that’s she’d be left with no choice but to say yes.

The very last thing in a treasure chest that she’d be expecting is a engagement ring. What you could do is; gift her treasure chest and request her to open up it when she is alone and inform her that it’s because you don’t need her to share what’s in the box with any man else. She would first feel that it could be candy or chocolate diamond ring or something unique but certainly not a ring. For her surprise, when she starts digging the torso, and when she finds out the ring, she will surely have the shock of a lifetime; and you could be rest assured that a Yes would surely be her answer.