The electronic era is moving at a speed of unprecedented rate, and the industrial property sector isn’t exempt from the ramifications. Commercial property has adapted to those new improvements by making mobile applications that help market professionals in fulfilling the requirements of their clientele and potential tenants. In any¬†Justin Billingsley Real Estate real estate division, these programs could be regarded as technological advances which are shaping the business’s expansion by increasing communication, business, and on top of that, saving time!


It’s an interactive property vacationing program that saves money and time. ReaLync is perfect for fostering client-broker connections and setting clarity between potential tenants and commercial property agents. Clients utilizing the program can create customer profiles to communicate directly with property agents and agents through the program’s messaging feature. On the other hand, the program is free for tenants and buyers.

Honest Buildings is a program right targeted at commercial property builders and vendors. It enables users that want to renovate a home to get in touch with sellers who exhibit their work to the program. The program provides owners or agents in almost any industrial office a forum to locate and employ the right sellers for your right undertaking. Having a compact system, you don’t need to be concerned about doing reference pricing or checks out different bids. Maybe, among the greatest characteristics of all Honest Buildings is the fact that it is totally free for job owners and quick.


The HelloSign program reflects the direction the business property sector is headed. A mobile scan-and-sign program, HelloSign affirms the green movement since it boosts paperless safety for commercial property professionals. It helps its customers to scan and register a record by taking an image of it onto a mobile device. Additionally, the program doubles as a PDF editor that enables the user to produce last-minute adjustments to a protected file prior to sending it away. The program has a free trial which lets users sign and scan up to three files in one single month. The paid choices vary from $13 a month to $40 a month.


LeaseMatrix is a fantasy come true for commercial property agents! It gives simple and quick comparisons for commercial property professionals by enabling its users to watch numerous rentals simultaneously. LeaseMatrix performs all calculations which would traditionally be guessed via a dictionary, consequently decreasing, if not removing, the mistakes which are so often made when the calculations have been done manually. Although the program is web-based, it’s readily available to be used on all mobile devices. LeaseMatrix prices $29 a month or $295 annually with extra bundles for office subscriptions.

In the modern tech-savvy and speedy work environment, it’s vital that all employees have access to the newest tools which permit them to function not just harder, but smarter. For the commercial property business, these four programs can make all of the difference at a gained purchase. Whether you are searching to improve general communication or supply transparency to workers and potential customers, these programs permit you to keep on top of the game whilst saving yourself a time.