What Are The Alternatives To Sleep On For My Camping Trip?
In this modern era most tents possess sewn-in groundsheets are waterproof, you may also get ‘footprint’ groundsheets which act as another groundsheet for further support to your tent. The problem with this is though is that it is all good and well for keeping your own tent insulated from moist and bugs it does not offer much comfort.

Some people are used to sleeping on a hard floor; if you’re one of these folks then you might as well quit reading now. The issue with sleeping with a hard floor however more importantly is that you will lose the majority of your own body heat throughout the evening. So by what you choose to sleep will have a direct influence on your body’s insulation and comfort.

There are four major choices available to campers in terms of what you can sleep on when it comes to camping.

Closed-cell foam shot blasting rubber sheet. These are very easy to use, simply put it on the floor and lie and you’re gone. They offer really good insulating material; often they have a ridged pattern across the mat to make it even more comfortable. Should you’re camping in the winter you will need a slightly thinner version.
Open-cell foam mat. This operates by integrating a foam mat which is enclosed in a nylon sheath. It’s a valve that you just blow air into until it’s inflated and then shut the valve. This provides a fantastic degree of comfort with little weight so ideal for the backpacking camper. You are able to obtain narrower or shorter versions to the lightweight camper.
Airbed. I must confess this is my favorite option, they offer exceptional insulation and comfort and also to be fair are generally more affordable than mobile foam mats. The drawback you can say with airbeds it that they’re quite heavy and require pumping up. It’s possible to become really lavish options now though which have an integrated pump. If you do not have the luxury of a few of these models be certain you take with you an electrical pump or foot-pump on your camping trip.
Camp bed. This option back in the day was a remarkably popular option, but it today. They do have some advantage, however, namely that they can’t puncture and if you go for a good brand and the camp bed is hardy you will surely find good nights sleep. Also they may be used as a daybed during the daytime. The drawback is the price. It is not a feasible option in my opinion if you’re a household of four to purchase a camp bed for everybody. For the identical price you could buy double the amount of airbeds and the sleeping bags pitched in.