When people were going to air just one grievance about Instagram, it could likely be this: You can only use clickable links inside your Instagram bio.

As you know, individual Instagram posts don’t enable links. Sure, you can enter the link within your caption—but, when that photo is actually posted, the link will just seem as text.

That means users will still need to personally enter that address themselves in order to get to that desired webpage, as opposed to being able to get there with a single click. When we are all obsessed with convenience and speed, it’s enough for making both brands and followers grit their teeth and clench their fists.

With all of that in mind, there’s no doubt the fact that the one clickable link you get to include in your resource is precious real estate. It’s the one place where you can acquire followers directly to a location without any additional work or inconvenience required of them.

So , here’s the question: What should this link in bio be? For many brands, the answer is simple: their website website.

links in your Instagram bio

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While of which answer might be the most obvious, that doesn’t mean it’s the only thing that can be done. There are plenty of other options you can use in that space to truly leverage your current link to your advantage.

Let’s cover everything you need to know about Instagram bio links—as well as some clever things you can do with your own personal.

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But , Wait… Do I Actually Only Get One Link?
Technically, yes. We know—bummer, proper?

However , for brands who take advantage of an Instagram enterprise profile, there are a few other links that are included (they merely aren’t all that customizable).

When you opt for a business account, you can even include links for “Call, ” “Email, ” in addition to “Directions. ” With those options, users can phone you, send you an email, or receive directions to your location—with just one click.

Yes, they’re technically links. But , these are definately not things that you can easily swap out for a different page entirely. Your bio link is the only one that’s truly personalized.

This might all sound very limiting, but if you’re any Schedugram user there’s good news.

The app’s link-in-bio characteristic lets you use that one link to send traffic to different websites every time you publish a post using the power of redirects.

So , How would you Choose The Right Instagram Bio Link?
By now you get it—when you merely get one, the link you include in your Instagram bio has lot of importance.

That can feel like a lot of pressure. So , today you’re dealing with a second question: How can you figure out what url to actually include there? You have so many different pages, posts, plus campaigns that you want to send users to. How can you choose just one single?

Ultimately, this doesn’t need to be that complicated. Instead, all of it comes back to your Instagram goals.

Ask yourself this: When you commenced with Instagram, what was your main goal?

Did you want to educate and interact your followers? Did you want to drive sales of a certain product? Did you want to increase involvement in a particular advertising campaign?

Remember, your Instagram marketing strategy is just a piece of the puzzle—a singular element in your brand’s overall marketing strategy. Think backside on what you were aiming to accomplish with Instagram in the first place, and this will help you better discern which of the following link alternatives could be the best choice for your brand and your unique objectives.

And also feel free to test and measure with Schedugram’s click tracking!

several Clever Ways To Use Links In Your Instagram Bio
You know that you can include a link to your brand’s homepage in your Instagram bio—and, in many cases, that’s a logical choice.

But , if you’re trying to do something different? There are plenty of other places you can send those followers regarding yours.

Here are a few different ideas for how you can use that website link in your Instagram bio.

1 . Use Links In Your Instagram Bio To Send People To Any Webpage With Schedugram
The 1st and easiest way to use links in your Instagram bio will be via Schedugram’s link-in-bio feature.

It gives you a branded reroute URL that you can use as the clickable link in your Instagram account. What that means is, every time you create a post in Schedugram, you can automatically redirect that link to any website, internet site or blog post you like.